Beautiful Homes, Gorgeous Designs {Charleston Architectural Photographers}

by Tanya Boggs, Charleston Architectural Photographers

Charleston Architectural PhotographersI LOVE working with Riverside Designers! Who can complain about spending the day with fun people in gorgeous spaces around the lowcountry? Not me! The houses I photographed this particular day were located on Johns Island and Seabrook. After spending the day in an amazing kitchen with beautiful views of the marsh, I dream of marble counter tops and high ceilings!

I think my favorite thing about this particular shoot was the brass Port hole!

Charleston Architectural Photographers

Charleston Interior Photographers

Seabrook Island, SC

Charleston Interior PhotographersCharleston Interior PhotographersCharleston Architectural PhotographersCharleston Architectural Photographers If you’re looking for a new architectural photographer to showcase the interiors and exteriors of homes you build or design, look no further! Call Tanya Boggs Photography, Charleston Architectural Photographers


7 Ways to Prepare a Child for a Photo Session {Family Photographers Charleston}

by Tanya Boggs, Charleston Photographers
7 Ways to prepare your child for your family photo session (Family Photographers Charleston)

Family Photographers Charleston-Tanya Boggs Photography

1. Talk about the upcoming session with them ahead of time and how much fun it will be.
Make this a special occasion and give them something to look forward too. “Next week we’re going to go to the park (or whatever location you’ve selected) and get some pictures taken with a photographer. It’s going to be super fun. We’ll spend some time playing with her and being silly.” Then remind them again a couple of days before, the night before and the morning of. I always find, as long as children know what the plan is and what is expected of them ahead of time, they’re mentally prepared.


2. Meet with your photographer ahead of time and tell them the secrets to getting your child to laugh or smile.
Tanya Boggs Photography, Family Portraits, Charleston SCFamilies often have their “inside jokes” or things that make each other laugh. The photographer will have some ways of getting them to relax and have fun, but having the inside scoop with personal artillery makes it flow SO much easier.

Here at Tanya Boggs Photography, we HIGHLY recommend an in-person consultation with your photographer ahead of time! It is so important to get to know each other, to have your session tailored to your family, and it is a great time for you to share information about your kids so the photographer has the insiders knowledge to help put your kids at ease.


(Call Tanya Boggs Photography, Family Photographers Charleston)

3. Don’t bribe them with a “special treat” afterwards for “being good.”

Tanya Boggs Photography, Childrens Photography, Charleston SCBrides often backfire. One, because it indirectly communicates that you expect they may be bad or may not have fun. But mostly because it distracts them away from the photo shoot, and it places their focus on the treat or the surprise. If you’ve promised them ice cream afterwards, 5 minutes into the session they’ll be asking, “Can we go get ice cream now?” And the battle to keep them focused and present becomes a very difficult one to win! Who can compete with ice cream? I mean, I’m pretty cool. And kids love to play and hang out with me. But I’d take chocolate ice cream over just about anything!


4. Avoid unnecessary power struggles or confrontations about the session, especially on the day of the appointment.

Tanya Boggs Photography, Children's Portraits, Charleston SCI highly recommend you don’t have a power struggle or fight with them about what shoes to wear or tell them they can’t wear their favorite hat, or can’t bring their stuffed animal. If the photo session begins with World War 3 at home, it is only going to continue when you arrive at the location or the studio. My recommendation is always to try to accommodate BOTH your wishes and theirs! If they don’t want to wear their nice shoes (or their blazer, etc.) but it’s really THAT important to you, bring that item with you. Then let the photographer know that you were hoping to have a few pictures of the child with the item on. The photographer can then find a way to work it in after everyone is relaxed and having fun. I usually say something like, “Let’s do a few more pictures with these nice shoes. I bet you look so handsome in these!” In my experience, the child is MUCH LESS likely to say no to a third-party, especially if they are having fun.


5. Make sure everyone is COMFORTABLE: Comfortably dressed, well fed, well rested, and you should try to relax!
Family Photographers Charleston-Tanya Boggs PhotographyMany parents want to buy a new outfit for the photo shoot, but it’s not always a great idea. That beautiful dress you want little Susie to wear may be itchy and scratchy, and not weather appropriate. If the clothes are uncomfortable, for everyone involved in the shoot, it will be reflected in the photos. If you do purchase new clothes, make sure they’ve worn them once before and it’s been washed, so that the itchy starch isn’t going to cause the child to pay more attention to the dress then the photographer. And make sure they are on board with whatever you’ve purchased or picked out (see tip #4 about unnecessary power struggles). Also consider whether it is appropriate for the weather. There is nothing like a cute little dress on a cool fall day to make the whole session into a teeth chattering mess! Or if it happens to be the height of the summer, you might want to skip the long pants. Comfort is KING! And Mom, try to remember to relax! It’s important that Mom and Dad don’t get too worked up about the whole thing. Kids pick up on their parents anxiety. So if you’re stressed or worried, the kids will have a tendency to act out more. It’s suppose to be fun, so keep it light and easy and playful. No need to stress. If you’ve hired a professional that has experience with children of all ages, they’ve probably seen it all so you can trust that they’ll get the job done!

(Call Tanya Boggs Photography, Family Photographers Charleston)

6. Avoid the Rebellion Factor and let the photographer be in charge. Of everyone!

Family Photographers Charleston-Tanya Boggs PhotographyLet the photographer take control and give the directions. When parents AND the photographer give directions it only confuses the child, and they are not sure WHO to focus on and listen to. And you may have noticed that children just love to do the opposite of what parents ask of them when they are in public. So the moment a parent asks the child to “Smile”, guess what, little Jimmy does the opposite. “HA! Watch me aggravate Mom! I’m in control now, and there’s nothing she can do about it!” Then dad gets involved and starts in with a very firm tone, “Jimmy, your mother told you to SMILE!” You can imagine that little Jimmy really wants to smile now, because things are super fun when he is being demanded to perform for the photographer… NOT!
As I learned long ago when my daughter was little, she is always on her best behavior for others, more than she is with me. I call it the “rebellion factor”. So, if you can, give up control and let the photographer handle it. They can always solicit your help or give you suggestions on how you can help! For example, if you are in the photo, they might ask you to tickle the child or give them a kiss, or direct you to pick them up and swing them around. If you are not in the picture, the photographer may suggest you make silly faces or goof off. You can of course make a suggestion if you think it might be helpful, but I’d recommend you make the suggestion to the photographer. Again, you’re trying to let the expert do their job and set the example that EVERYONE is taking direction from the photographer. It’s all about teamwork and collaboration between an experienced photographer, and the parents who know their kids best. And hopefully at the end of the day, you’ll find that giving up control was easy to do and made it more enjoyable for you!


7. Most importantly… HAVE FUN!

Family Photographers Charleston-Tanya Boggs PhotographyTake a deep breath. Relax. It’s suppose to be fun! Jump up and down, make silly faces – whatever it takes to get comfortable and take the pressure off. Make yourself laugh if possible. You might have to start by faking it. But very quickly it can become contagious. Try it sometime. You’ll be surprised!

What has worked for you in the past? What do you think would be helpful to prepare your child for a photo session?




Call Tanya Boggs Photography, Family Photographers Charleston, for more information today – 843.647.6455!

Real Women Wednesday: Meet Jennifer Stark {Charleston Photographers}

Real Women Wednesday: Meet Jennifer Stark
by Tanya Boggs (Charleston Photographers)

charleston photographers-headshots It’s been too long since my last Real Women Wednesday post! So I am thrilled to add to my Wednesday blog segment that is near and dear to my heart. I love to showcase fantastic, smart, inspiring women who’s beauty is beyond skin deep.

This week, I bring you Jennifer Stark. She is a local attorney based in Mount Pleasant. She carries herself with a quiet but strong confidence. As a local Charleston photographers, I was hired to photograph her for an updated headshot/business portrait, and I was pleasantly surprised when she brought her red dress. It really said a lot about her. What a refreshing break from the business suit!

Below are Jennifer’s answers to my Real Women Wednesday questions. Enjoy!

Charleston Photographers - Tanya Boggs PhotographyWhat defines “Real Beauty” for you?
Real Beauty is just that REAL Beauty, not this air brushed color enhanced fake look that is being sold on magazine shelves.  The most beautiful people I know are the ones that are comfortable with themselves and the more you speak to them and get to know them the more beautiful they become.

What makes you “beautiful”?
I have not yet achieved beauty- but when I do it will hopefully be based on my sass, drive, intellect, and kindness – not just my boob size.


charleston photographers-business portraitsWhat do you “think” your flaws are?
It’s the eternal perfectionist/procrastination loop – you never finish because its not perfect and you don’t start until late because you are busy perfecting the last project that will never be perfect. Sometimes this loop leads to a complete inability to do anything with out a deadline.

What do people love about you?
I try hard to balance the need to be mean (aggressive), but be nice at the same time, strong and gentle at the same time( aka vinegar pie). The ability to inform someone of something negative or be aggressive while at the same time maintaining face/dignity for the other person.

charleston photographers-Tanya Boggs PhotographyHow do you PLAY?
If I had any time these days outside of work I like to paint, garden, hike and exercise. The secret nerd in me loves nature and knows way to much about science fiction.

Anything else you’d like to share?
In my next life I want to be a writer or a park ranger. The non-combative and solitary professions have an allure.

Now my question to you is, how do you define Beauty?  Share in the comments below!


(Charleston Photographers)

Jennifer Munter Stark is an Attorney at Law in Charleston, has a general practice, but practices primarily in the areas of employment law, personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, and is expanding her practice in the representation of small businesses. She is a member of the Charleston County and South Carolina Bar Associations, the South Carolina Trial Lawyers, and the American Association for Justice. Ms. Stark is admitted to practice in the States of Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina, the District of Columbia, the U.S. District Court, Districts of South Carolina, District of Columbia, Maryland, and the Eastern District of Virginia, and the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth District. Ms. Stark received her B.A. from Bucknell University and her J.D. from the Catholic University.

Law Office of Jennifer Munter Stark, LLC; Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
PHONE (843) 972-0004, CELL (843) 209-1658

If you’re in the market for a great headshot and are looking for Charleston Photographers – Tanya Boggs Photography can help you with all of your Charleston portrait photography needs!

6 Reasons to Invest in a Great Headshot {Charleston Headshot Photographers}

by Tanya Boggs
6 Reasons to Invest in a Great Headshot (Charleston Headshot Photographers)


Headshots are now a necessity for almost anyone in the business world. The internet is where most people turn to research and look for the products and services they need. Social Media and websites have become marketing tools and business brochures for companies and can often be the first place a potential client will come into contact with you.

charleston headshot photographers-tanya boggs photography1. You are more like to show up in LinkedIn AND Google searches if you have a photo.

LinkedIn users with profiles that are 100% complete, are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.

Based on LinkedIn’s rankings you are 7 times more likely to show up in searches if your profile is complete! AND you will rank higher on Google if your LinkedIn profile is complete! [That alone should make you take the advice of a Charleston headshot photographer! :)]


charleston headshot photographers-tanya boggs photography2. Having a photo helps build trust for the person looking to do business with you.

There are so many internet scams, fake social media profiles and websites out to scam consumers! People are more like to trust a website if there is a picture of the person or people from that business. Seeing a photo of a person also personalize’s your business. And the consumer is reminded they are doing business with a person not just a company. And you’ll want to make sure you keep your headshot current to build trust. (For more info see my blog 6 Signs it’s Time for a New Headshot by a Charleston headshot photographers.)


charleston headshot photographers3. You only get one shot at a first impression!

If you have an online presence, or you do any kind of public speaking, your headshot is sometimes the first way people meet you. You want a photo that makes you stand out and represents you in the best way possible. If you’re going to pay a professional, don’t you want a headshot that gets you noticed? Poor lighting, inappropriate backgrounds or a photo that looks like a snapshot is probably not going to leave the impression you were hoping it would. People may not be able to verbalize those visual clues, but in an image saturated culture, they certainly pick up on them.


nya Boggs Photography, Business Portraits, Charleston SC4. Business portraits can be used in more than just your social media profiles!

Yes, if you have a great photograph that you’ve invested in, you should use your photo on social media, but that’s just the beginning! Use it in your marketing material to help promote your business. Put it on your website with your bio or on an “about” page. Some people put photos on their business cards. You can use them in your email signature. (If you don’t have an email signature, you’re missing out on FREE marketing! Read this post from Do it! Marketing)


Headshot Photography Charleston, SC, Tanya Boggs-5. It’s important to communicate PROFESSIONALISM!

Photos taken using the camera on your computer, or with a smart phone – photos that are taken in an unprofessional environment, are out of focus, taken in less than ideal lighting conditions or taken by an amateur – do not make set a tone of professionalism. Ask yourself what a DIY photo says about you as a professional? (Don’t DIY, give Charleston headshot photographers a try! Maybe I could be a rapper. HA!)



Charleston headshot photographers

6. It’s all about BRANDING!

Headshots or Business Portraits literally present the “FACE” of the company and its brand image. Some companies may want to present a conservative image, complete with business jackets and/or ties in their pictures. Others may want to communicate a fresh and contemporary look, or show they’re easy and approachable. A talented professional photographer can help you create a headshot that communicates the right message for you! Still unclear about what your Brand message is? Or what you want to communicate to others? I highly recommend Rooted ID to help you strengthen your branding! They are a full-service marketing agency that caters to small business owners who are passionately committed to strengthening their brand and growing their business.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you think a headshot is an important tool for you to have? What keeps you from getting it done? Comment below!—

If you’re in the market for a great headshot and are looking for Charleston Photographers – Tanya Boggs Photography can help you with all of your Charleston headshot photographers needs!



Love, Loss & the Importance of Family Photography {Charleston SC}

by Tanya Boggs, The Hard Truth: Love, Loss and the Importance of Family Photography Charleston SC

Family Photography Charleston SC

Family Photography Charleston SC

I have been wanting to write about this topic for quite a while. But it’s such a difficult thing to talk about that I’ve been blocked about how and what exactly to say. Or maybe I’ve just been avoiding it. But it continues to come up and begs to be addressed. So here goes…

The idea of losing people (as well as furry friends) we love is one of the reason’s I find so much value and meaning in photography. And this idea of loss has been one of the driving forces behind many of my decisions not only in my personal life, but in my business. It even affects my approach to working with clients. But no one ever really wants to talk about losing loved ones. It’s not a comfortable subject we discuss in public forums. Whether it is the people who you are closest to, or the loving pets that greet you daily with unconditional love, the hard truth is that our time in this world is limited. (Death and Taxes, right?)

This is one of the reasons why I think it is so important to leave a legacy, a vault of treasures that can be revisited by others after you’re gone. It’s important to those we might leave behind (whether they know that yet or not) so it should be important to you. I’ve lost too many people close to me far too early in their lives, and I will forever appreciate the photographs I have. Family Photography (Charleston, SC) can be the keepsakes of memory that remind us of the way people smiled or the gestures they made when they laughed, and the photos allow us to look into the eyes of those that we loved and continue to love, and find comfort and joy.

Why do I feel an urgency to tell you this? Why write publicly about something that is so personal to me? Because I’ve heard it from so many others as well: clients, friends, acquaintances. And I’ve seen and heard about too many missed opportunities that led to regrets.

Pet photography-charleston scRecently a client called me to schedule another session with their cute dogs. It turns out that Molly, their super sweet Jack Russell Terrier, had been diagnosed with cancer and would only be around for about 9-12 months. My clients wanted to be sure they got some great photos with Molly while she was still spunky and feeling herself.

(Take a look at more of our Family Photography Charleston SC, HERE!)

family portrait photography-charleston sc

Me and my brother Ben as kids.



The one thing that worked in their favor was that they had time to plan! We are not always given the opportunity to make sure we squeeze in all the last minute wants and needs before tragedy strikes.





poppaI know first hand. My family has had its share of tragedy! I had the unfortunate experience of losing my brother in a car accident when he was only 26 years old. I lost a cousin when he was in high school. I lost an aunt when she was 48 and her 2 daughters were devastated. And I lost my father just before his 60th birthday. So I know plenty about unexpected tragedy and how important photographs can play in the lives of those that remain.

(Left: One of my favorite photos of my father taken on the weekend of my wedding. He had such a great laugh!)


During the holiday season of 2012, I was scheduled to photograph a client and her extended family who were visiting from out of the country. Their time here got busy and cramped with obligations, and they decided to cancel the session. I was heartbroken in the Spring of 2013 when her brother also died in a tragic accident. I wanted so badly to rewind, go back and photograph them while they were all together for the last time. Him with his 2 young daughters, my client with her brother and their aging parents as well!

My advice… Slow down. Enjoy the time you have with the people you love. Snap photos to remember the beautiful moments! And if you’re like me, and you’re never IN the photos, maybe it’s time to BOOK A SESSION to be sure there are pictures of YOU with the people you love! One day they’ll be glad you did!

What are some of your hangups that keep you from being in photos? Are there photos that you cherish? I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below!

If you’ve got a list of hangups or reasons you don’t want to be in your family photography (Charleston SC), it might be time you take a look at my Real Women Wednesday segments to inspire you to embrace your inner beauty! Nobody else care’s about that extra 10 pounds that only you see.

Pet Photography-Charleston SC

6 Signs it’s Time for a New Headshot {Charleston Portrait Photography}

by Tanya Boggs Headshots and Charleston Portrait Photography

Charleston Photographers, Headshots, Tanya Boggs Photographt

1. If you don’t have one!

Oh my! Do I even need to elaborate here? If you don’t have one, it’s OVERDUE! Having a photo of yourself SIGNIFICANTLY increases your credibility with people who find you on the internet. It innately makes you easier to relate to, and more trustworthy. If you have a social media presence hopefully you have already heard the statistics supporting using a photograph as opposed to a logo. People are more likely to interact with a profile that has a photo rather than a logo. Why? Because it personalizes your business. It reassures them they are doing business with a person not just another faceless business. Remember, there are PLENTY of people who are running the same kind of business you are. But there is only ONE YOU! I’ll stop my rant there and assume that if you don’t have one and you’re not planning to invest in one, you probably haven’t even read this far.


2. If it’s been 3 or more years since your last headshot or business portrait.

I recommend getting a new photo every year, but every 2 years should be the longest you  use the same picture. People are on social media everyday. They see the same things everyday. And then eventually it all blends together. When you update with a new image people notice!  You remind them you’re out there. Ever noticed how many likes you get on the Facebook when you change your profile picture? Yeah, my point exactly! A friend of mine recently told me how shocked she was that she got more likes on her new picture than she got birthday wishes on Facebook. That’s got to be A LOT!


charleston portrait photography and headshots, Tanya Boggs Photography3. If you’ve altered your appearance in ANY way!

If you’ve changed you hairstyle or color, your personal style has been updated, or you’ve lost or gained 10 pounds (or more), it’s time for a new picture. The rule of thumb is, if the person that walks into the room doesn’t look like the person in the photo, it’s time to update your headshot! Aging is implied here because of tip #2. But I will say, there is nothing worse than someone who has aged 10 years since their photo was last taken. It makes you seem out of touch or worse, dishonest! If you look significantly different than people expect when people meet you for the first time, I think people feel duped, and that is NOT a good way to start a business exchange. You are looking to gain peoples TRUST.


4. If you’re re-branding your business, starting a new marketing campaign, or rolling out a new product or service.

You’re headshot should line up with your new branding. You want your photograph to communicate the same image as your business. And if you’re introducing a new product/service, having a new headshot or a new look and feel to your image communicates that things are changing, getting better, being refreshed. A new photo says you and your products and/or services are “New and Improved!”

For help with branding or marketing services Rooted ID is a full service marketing agency based here in Charleston, SC. Find out what they have to say about professional photography on their Food For Thought blog.


charleston portrait photography and headshots, Tanya Boggs Photography5. People make comments that imply your picture doesn’t look like you.

It’s probably time for a new picture if people are saying things like, “Wow, you look different in your picture;” or “When did you wear your hair like that?” Many subtle cues, that you are no longer able to see, can communicate to others that your photo is not current: an outdated hairstyle, collar or neckline, or even a pattern on your blouse or suit jacket that is from a past fad. You may not be able to see it anymore because you’ve been looking at the photo for so long. But others will definitely notice. (Try Charleston Portrait Photography)


6. If you’re no longer attracting the right clients you’re after.

This problem may also speak more broadly about your brand, but it’s good to start by making sure your headshot is in line with your brand message too. If you want people to see you as fresh and current, make sure your head shot does not have that “middle school blue” background or the glamour shot look. You’ll want your headshot to communicate that you are fresh and current too!


Charleston photographers and headshots, Tanya Boggs PhotographyMy recommendation if you’re on the fence or not sure, maybe ask some of your friends, colleagues and/or peers, What do you think this picture says about me as a   “fill in your business”   ? Then listen not just for what you are hoping they will say so you can save some money, instead listen between the lines for comments like, “You look so young in that picture.” Yes that may be a compliment, but does that imply that your photo is not representative of what you look like now? Or if they say something vague like,”You look fine,” tell them you want them to be honest and then ask them a specific question from one of the six signs above. “Do I look older now, than I do in this picture?” or “Does this picture look a little outdated?”

What are some ways things that help you decide when it’s time for a new headshot?


Specializing in Charleston Portrait Photography, Tanya Boggs helps business people capture the best real you! For more information click on Charleston Photographers – Tanya Boggs.

Winter (+ Spring) Charleston Photography Event {Charleston Photographers}

(Charleston Photographers)

TOMORROW WE OPEN UP THE CALENDAR FOR BOOKINGS THRU THE END OF JUNE! And to kick off the first half of 2014, for one week only, we’re having our 2014 Winter (+ Spring) Charleston Photography event here at TBP!

Reserve your session within the next week (which can take place anytime before May 31st) and enjoy a special offer.

The Details:

SPECIAL IS AVAILABLE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! Reserve your appointment by Wednesday, February 12th at 5pm and part of the fee will magically transform into a purchase credit which you can apply it to ANYTHING you order from your session, just like cash–super easy. Remember, your shoot can take place anytime between now and May 31, 2014.

Book for February to receive $175 of your $225 fee as a purchase credit.

Book for March, April, or May to receive $100 of your $225 fee as a credit.

A very limited number of spots are available for this promotion. If you’d like to claim yours, call the studio 843.647.6455 or click here to send me an e-mail and we’ll find a date that works for you right away. This offer will spontaneously combust one week from tomorrow.

This offer is also available to new TBP clients, so feel free to share with friends who might wish to have a session of their own.

charleston photographers-family portraits-tanya boggs

Wondering why would ANYONE get their family portrait photography done in the winter? The beautiful light of winter for one! Yes, it does exist! The image samples in this post are from January and February last year. And well, winter is a fantastic time to take advantage of doing family portraits at your home; I’m able to capture your children where they’re most comfortable and in the most personal of environments. And we can make short jaunts outside even if it’s chilly and then duck back in for warm indoor images.

charleston photographers-family portraits-tanya boggsDON’T MISS OUT on this great opportunity with our Winter (+ Spring) Photography event. If you’ve been thinking about booking a session, NOW IS THE TIME!

Need a great gift for Valentine’s Day? She’ll love you for thinking ahead!

Still need to capture that High School Senior in your life? Time is running out before your family will be forever changed!

Have a new member of the family to celebrate? Don’t wait too long. They’ll be ONE before you know it!

It’s probably time to call us! 843.647.6455 – (Charleston Photographers)

You only have until NEXT WEDNESDAY, February 12th to take advantage of this great offer! Looking forward to working with your family this winter and spring!

Authentically yours,

The Fine Print

All sessions must take place prior to May 31st, 2014.
The $225 session fee includes the session, an initial consultation, a custom shoot at your home or alternative location; artistic processing of each image; a preview appointment.
The session fee does not include any images; these are purchased separately after your purchase credit is applied.
Limit 1 winter+spring session event per person. Print credit must be used to purchase images from this session.
Charleston Photographers – Tanya Boggs specializes in Family Portraits.
charleston photographers-family portraits-tanya boggsTanya Boggs is one of only a few Charleston Photographers who specializes in Family Portraits, call us TODAY for more information about how we can create a custom portrait experience for you and your family! 843.647.6455

Family Photography and Why I Love the Super Bowl {Charleston Photographers}

by Tanya Boggs, Charleston Photographers

charleston photographers, family portraits, Tanya Boggs Photography(Charleston Photographers)
Family Photography
and the Super Bowl you may ask!?!? Yes, I was inspired today. My family loves sports! I like sports, but I don’t feel a great need to watch them on TV. Unless of course, it’s a really great game. Or it’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Yah, yah! I know… everyone is a football fan on Super Bowl Sunday. But I love the Super Bowl for a different reason. Maybe I’m just a total sap, but I love the stories! They always have these great features about individual players and their families with all the juicy history that makes a story worth telling. This year they did a report on players and coaches and who they look for after the win and who they wanted most to be with to celebrate. Their families of course.

There were stories of the players looking for their families in the stands and bringing them down on the field. Climbing walls to get to them. Demanding someone go find their wife. One coach talked about helping all the grand kids climb down over the wall, and carrying the littlest one around on his shoulders. There were videos of players holding their children and kissing their wives, families with beaming smiles of joy as they celebrated a moment that none of them will ever forget!

I live for those kinds of stories, those kinds of those memories that will always be remembered! Each player and coach that was featured choked up as they told of the family moments together on the field that were the most special. And each one of them were so glad they had the pictures to commemorate the memory. The grandfather holding the littlest of his grandchildren on his shoulder as he proudly celebrated his win, admitted that he cries every time he thinks about it and sees the image. The father who held his young son full of so much joy back on that day, who had no idea he would lose his boy just 3 years later. He cried as he said, I am so glad I have that photo. It was such a special moment spent with my son.

Another player talked about going up into the stands a few minutes before the game had ended so he could bring his entire family onto the field because he wanted to be surround by the people who had helped get him there. He finished the story by saying, I get choked up when I think about that moment with them. I have that picture hanging in my home.

That’s good stuff! A little heart warming inspiration for Sunday or maybe just a little something to start your Monday off right!

Why do you love the Super Bowl? And what important memories do you wish you had captured in your family portraits?

And hey, in case you didn’t know, family portraits don’t have to be stiff. They can and should be personal and all about YOU and YOUR stories!
(Charleston Photographers)

Let Tanya Boggs Photography (Charleston, SC) tell YOUR story and capture the best real you! (Charleston SC Photographer specializing in Family Portraits, call us for more information 843.647.6455)

Charleston Photographers, Family Portraits, Tanya Boggs-Photography

Tanya Boggs is one of only a few Charleston Photographers who specializes in Family Portraits, call us for more information about how we can create a custom portrait experience 843.647.6455

Real Women Wednesday: Meet Cynthia Groseclose {Charleston Photographers}

by Tanya Boggs, Charleston Photographers

Happy 2014! Hope your year is off to a fantastic start! I wanted to start the year off with a fabulous woman for my Real Women Wednesday segment. My hope and intention as one of the photographers in Charleston SC, is to introduce inspiring, interesting women to help remind us all that we are so much more than the list of perceived flaws we see and berate ourselves for when we look in the mirror, or at a photograph. I’m famous for not being able to take a compliment! Well, at least I was. I’ve worked very hard not to answer a compliment with a self-deprecating remark. Just this past year, I’ve finally learned to say “Thank You!” And mean it.

Here’s to another year of incredible women to inspire us, lead us, and teach us to be better examples for our children and our friends.

Charleston Photographers

Photograpers Charleston SC, Tanya Boggs PhotographyI was privileged to meet Cynthia, known as Cindy to her friends, this past year after having unknowingly met her once before. Thank goodness she has a good memory. Apparently we were meant to meet and know one another. I just missed it the first time!

Cindy and I were introduced while bobbing up and down on our surf boards waiting for a set to roll in. We discovered we had many friends in common, and we work in overlapping worlds. Cindy is a well-known and accomplished food stylist and works very closely with some amazing photographers. We had crossed paths on the set for a Southern Living photo shoot months before but had not been formally introduced because she was hard at work making food magic happen! (I was just an extra in the party scene.) Since that day on the water, Cindy and I have grown to be friends. We are also regular surf buddies along with a number of other ladies that Cindy brought together called the Wahine’s, a Hawaiian term for female surfer.

Introducing Cindy Groseclose, a beautiful soul both inside and out!

Portrait Photography, Charleston, SC, Tanya Boggs Photography1. What defines “Real Beauty” for you?

To me, real beauty is when what is on the outside matches up with what is on the inside.  When a person’s heart aligns with their actions. This is beautiful.

2. What makes you “beautiful”?

I have a lot of passion and energy and I really love people.  I feel the most beautiful when I know I am living my life operating from what is truly in my heart.  I also think being a mother has made me a lot more beautiful of a person… It has taught me the true definition of unconditional love, something I don’t think I fully understood until I had my son, Christian.

3. What do you “think” your flaws are? 

In terms of flaws, I tend to worry a lot about things I cannot control and I sometimes operate off of assumptions when I shouldn’t.  I am a constant student of “letting go”.  I used to walk around feeling guilty all the time about everything under the sun, but a friend once said to me “Cindy, don’t go around with regrets because if you didn’t have those experiences, you wouldn’t appreciate the good stuff as much”.  That really resonated with me and really helped me begin to live a much more peaceful life.  And I have been accused of having long toes… which sometimes get broken because they are always in the way.

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Portrait Photography, Charleston, SC, Tanya Boggs Photography

Portrait Photography, Charleston, SC, Tanya Boggs Photography4. What do people love about you?

I don’t know, you’d have to ask those who know me best, but I’d say maybe that I am a very loyal and caring friend. I am tender-hearted and would do anything for the people in my life. My friends know that and that makes me so happy. I love to connect people too and I am really adventuresome.  I am passionate about the things I care about and like to make things happen…even when that means blazing a few trails. I think these are some of the things the people in my life might appreciate about me.


Portrait Photography, Charleston, SC, Tanya Boggs Photography5. How do you PLAY?

Surfing has brought so much peace and joy to my life…and the friendships are some of my best.  My husband grew up surfing and I decided to take it up a few years ago so we could have something our family could do together.  I never understood what it was he loved so much about it and honestly, I would get upset when he was gone for hours to the beach.  That was until I learned to surf. Now, I’m the one who has to be pried off the water and I’m so thankful he gets it.   I also really love to travel and to experience the way other people live. I love learning about other cultures. Beautiful places by the sea are what I love most.  Sharing travel adventures with my family and friends is hands down my favorite way to play.  I cook for a living, but cooking for pleasure also brings be a tremendous amount of joy.

family portrait photographers charleston, Tanya Boggs Photography6. Tell me something you’d like to share: about yourself, a story, a favorite quote, a principle you live by, anything really.

There are so many things I could say.  I have always been a spiritual person, but my faith has become a defining part of my life the past few years. I have found a tremendous amount of comfort and power in my spiritual life. There have been so many things that have happened in my life that have led me to the place I am in spiritually and when I really look at those things and think about them, it is like a beautifully orchestrated plan – one that I certainly couldn’t have created for myself. I wear a necklace with a few things I love on it and one of them has a tag that just says PV 31:25.  This is my mantra. “Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at her future.” It makes me smile just saying it.

You can see Cindy’s work here on her website:

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Real Women Wednesday: Meet Becca Barnet

Custom portrait photography, Charleston SC, TBPI’m so excited to introduce you to Becca Barnet of Sisal and Tow! She is a maker of “natural-history inspired curiosities.” As quoted from her website, be it “intricate drawings to delicate sculptures, Becca Barnet’s artwork explores why humans have the tendency to try to hold on to the fleeting corporeal.”

I just recently had the pleasure of meeting her as she inhabited the temporary Pretend Store here in Charleston SC for a couple of days during the November installment that was designed by San Francisco based interior design firm, studio o+a.


Becca Barnet, Sisal & Tow, Tanya Boggs PhotographyWhat defines “Real Beauty” for you?
Real Beauty is Nature! Patterns, textures, imperfections, erosion, freckles, mistakes.



What makes you “beautiful”?
I’m pretty patient, but also can be irrationally emotional. A classic Gemini. I guess my most frustrating attributes are pretty beautiful, I wouldn’t change them for anything!

What do you “think” your flaws are?
I can’t see the forest for the trees! I am detail oriented to a fault, so sometimes I miss the bigger picture. I’m terribly hard on myself.



Becca Barnet, Sisal & Tow, Tanya Boggs PhotographyWhat do people love about you?
I’m not completely sure, but I think people like my energy. I’m pretty willing to try new things, I laugh a lot, and I’m a weirdo. I think I sometimes I scare people so they want to know more.

How do you PLAY?
I play every day, I love doing what I do. I get a lot of joy out of making something random from found objects, preserving animals, lining up leaves in color order. I like talking to my plants, playing with my dog, re-arranging my house, or taking everything out of my tool box and putting it all back inside in an orderly way.

Custom portrait photography, Charleston SC, TBPShare something about yourself.
My most favorite thing in life other than making art is watching my little brothers grow up and become amazing people. Will is on my mind because he just turned 24, is pursuing acting in NYC and was just written up in the New York Times. He used to have a hearing/speech problem and would bite us if he was frustrated. Now he’s articulate, a genius, a Shakespeare monologue-reader, an actor extraordinaire.



Real Women Wednesday, TBP

To learn more about Becca, check her out:

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Real Women Wednesday, TBP